annotated bibliography 2 pages

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Instructions here, use the attached article:

Each group member should write at least a 2 page-literature review paper (including the annotated bibliography) on a chosen research article related to his/her group topic. All these individual papers should be combined into a single document, edited, and turned it in as a group paper on Monday October 29th.

Your group document should be type-written and double spaced. Please use font 12, Arial, and insert numbers in the document. Title, name of all participants, APA citation page should also be included.

Please review the instructions below:

Step 2: Review of the Literature and Annotated Bibliography (Individual assignment, turn in as a group) at minimum 5 Journal Articles

Each group will select 5 research articles on the group topic using the library database. Each member will write an annotated bibliography and summarize one of the selected articles. Each group will organize and merge each individual work into a single document with an indication of who contributed to the completion of it.

How to prepare your Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of the annotated bibliography is to demonstrate your ability to evaluate whether a specific source is relevant to your research purpose and offer some criticism of it. Each group member, will write a brief evaluative note on the content and contribution of a chosen article and offer some criticisms of it. Your summary should answer the following questions:

Who is the author? Is she/he qualified in this subject?
Is this source scholarly, popular, some of both?
Does it seem like a reliable and current source? Why?
Is the research biased or objective? Too general/specific?
Is this a helpful resource? How does it fit into your research?
Writing the literature review: What does the selected scholarly research has to say about your group topic? The main purpose of the literature review is to demonstrate that your group is familiar with the important professional literature on the chosen topic. Each member will summarize one of these selected research papers including the following:

What is the main researcher’s assumption and theoretical framework?
What methodologies are used?
Evaluate and synthetize the research findings and conclusions drawn.
What are the limitations of the study and suggestions for future research?
Write the conclusion that you have reached about the major trends and developments you see in the research has been done on your subject.
Use caution when paraphrasing. Keep your own voice

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