Analyze landmark court ruling, explain police strategy, explain one era in american corrections, and dual court system?

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4-question discussion:

There is no specific length to the answers; however, at least one reference formatted in APA Style 7th edition must support each answer. This includes using in-text citations in the body of your answer. Quotes are not permitted as part of your essay answers. Learners must use their own original words and paraphrase the scholarly literature giving credit to the source/s that inspired your thoughts.

Question 1: Analyze a landmark court rulings explain how this case changed police practices to stay compliant with the law.

Question 2: Explain one police patrol strategy and compare its strengths and weakness. Would you recommend this strategy to all police departments?

Question 3: Analyze one era in American corrections and explain the weaknesses and strengths associated with this method. If you choose a prior era, do you think that era would work today?

Question 4: Analyze the dual court system in the United States and explain the advantages and disadvantages of a dual system? Do you think the dual court system still fits today’s court demands?

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