Analyze 2 texts and answer the following questions

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Text # 1:

Creation myths attempts to reveal the absolute dimension of the relative world. They proclaim the Holy as the ground of being and taking into account the human experience of alienation from this ground, proclaim it also as the goal of all being. They encourage people to understand themselves, physically, mentally, and spiritually, in the context of the cyclic flow of being and not- being and ultimately in the absolute union of this two.

In a Time when old myths are being rejected and “faith” is under attack, these myths rise above the dogmatism and institutionalism which plague all established religions to serve as testament of their common concern. While showing the provincially of each reach religion, they demonstrate the universality of the religious point that, while the worldly is meaningless, the world is full of meaning: people their cultures, and nature itself are all revelations of the Holy, occasions in which transcendent absolute is immanently manifest. The myths are stills valid, because they show how life is a symbol to be lived.

Text # 2: attached as PDF


1. How life is a symbol to be lived?

2. What do the myths show that an individual’s life is symbolic of?

3. How is life understood and lived in this manner?

4. How would you understand your life (differently) if you thought of it religiously in this way?)

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