Analysis-Summary of a death penalty article. APA style 3 pages.

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Write a summary analysis of the journal article. For the majority of the essay, you are writing the article analysis in your own words but you must demonstrate the ability to know when and how to use APA style in-text citations for quotes and paraphrases, and your sources ideologies, definitions, dates and statistics. You also need to create an APA style reference page (at the end of your essay). Give a good but brief introduction and be sure to explore the following phases of the articles research process in your review: theory, methodology, findings and conclusions (if any are not included in the article, you need to state that in the conclusions). Three page maximum length.

The Research Process Explored:



Methodology: Analyze secondary data (the lit reviews what we are doing for this assignment)


Methodology (primary data collection not conducted but explored)


Discussion & Conclusions


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