American Military University Week 6 Human Aging Discussion

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Instructions: The quest for the “Fountain of Youth” has long been a goal of both early explorers and modern scientists. It is also driven by a huge industry based on the premise that it’s possible to slow down, stop, or even reverse the process of aging. You will conduct research on this topic of discussion and use research to support your answers.

For this week’s Initial Post:

  • Choose one property of the human body or mind (i.e. organ, organ system, tissue type) and discuss how it changes with age and how these changes affect the total lifespan.
  • Is there any current research in medical science that supports any way to slow its process of aging?
  • What about the claims by the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and/or nutritional supplements that some of their products have an effect on the aging of the system you chose? Are any valid?

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