Alternative Assessments aligned with the previous standards from the benchmard

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Part 1 Assessment: create a student-centered learning experience and alternative assessment for students to do something (project, presentation, brochure, etc.) with the content material. Your alternative assessment should include:

  • Math and ELA state standards (from your benchmark).
  • Learning objective.
  • Formative questions to assess prior knowledge, probe for understanding, and promote independent learning prior to students beginning assessment during the instructional learning.
  • Complete description of instructions for learning experience.
  • Complete description of alternative assessment.

Part 2 Part 2: Reflection

In 100-200 words, reflect and answer the following questions:

What are the ethical related issues related to using student progress data, from assessments, in order to promote growth and learning? How will you make sure you are being ethical in your use of data in your classroom?

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