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PART II: Short Response Questions


Directions: Read the following questions and compose a response to each that is at least fifty (50) words in length.


1.      What is an absolute cell reference?


2.      What is an address bar?


3.      What is an animation tag?


4.      In Excel®, what is an argument?


5.      In PowerPoint®, what is a background?


6.      What is a bibliography?


7.      What is embedded chart?


8.      What is a hanging indent?


9.      What is a hyperlink?


10.    What is an inactive window?


11.    What is a number format in Excel®?


12.    What is a quick part?


13.    What is a Recycle Bin?


14.    What does it mean to scale something?


15.    What does it mean to scroll?


16.    What is a theme in PowerPoint®?


17.    What is a What-is analysis in Excel®?


18.    What is WordArt?


19.    What is a Y-axis?


20.    What is a Z-axis?

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