ACT College Arlington Human Anatomy & Physiology discussion

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Discussion questions are presented in each of the learning modules. Students can typically choose one question from a minimum of two in each Discussion section to discuss in detail (see rubric). Class discussions provide a setting to corroborate or clarify course material. In
the initial answer to the question, the student must support their
information with an appropriate URL (one source minimum) to document
their answer by providing additional resources to the class discussion

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Please type in the Subject line the question number and your topic (so that others won’t duplicate your topic). This will make it easier for other students not to repeat posts. Once an example has been used for a question it cannot be repeated.You will earn zero (0) points if you submitted a repeated topic.

Please review the Rubric in the Syllabus to check that you’ve met the requirements. Use spell check and grammar check before posting.


1) Sensory neurons help you to evaluate your surroundings. Through the use of your senses, you see and hear, perceive pain and pressure, and feel hot or cold. Search the web to find a specific sensory neuron (such as the optic nerve) or receptor (a search such as ‘type of nerve receptors’ or ‘sensory nerve receptors’). From the perspective of the sensory neuron or receptor (the end of the nerve), how do you help to keep your host/human out of trouble so that you both survive for another day?

2) There are many types of neurotransmitters. They each have a specific function. As a specific type of neurotransmitter (need to state which one you are), how do you help the body respond to change? What change do you help with? And what happens when you don’t work like you are supposed to?

3) Neuroglia are often called the ‘babysitters’ of the nervous system. They keep track of, nourish, and support neurons. Take the role of one of the neuroglia. What do you do? How do you make life better for the neuron you take care of? Do you do anything special that other glial cells don’t do? Basically, why does the neuron rely on you?

Suggestions for Response Post:

Can you think of other functions, problems when something doesn’t work, diseases that cause any of these processes from working correctly?

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