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1. Consider the following narrative describing the process of filling a customer’s order at a
Starbucks branch:

A Starbucks customer entered the drive-through lane and stopped to review the menu.
He then ordered a Venti coffee of the day and a blueberry muffin from the barista. The
barista recorded the order in the cash register. While the customer drove to the win-
dow, the barista filled a Venti cup with coffee, put a lid on it, and retrieved the muffin
from the pastry case and placed it in a bag. The barista handed the bag with the muffin
and the hot coffee to the customer. The customer has an option to pay with cash, credit
card, or Starbucks gift card. The customer paid with a gift card. The barista recorded
the payment and returned the card along with the receipt to the customer.

Use BPMN to model Starbucks’ process of taking a customer order using the following
independent assumptions:

  1. No additional assumptions. Identify the start and end events and the tasks that the
    barista performs. Include any gateways whenever there are alternative tasks. LO 2-5

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at least 100 words.

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