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1) Using a trade journal from your chosen industry,
illuminate a recent financial problem facing a company in that industry. Look
at the big picture, rather than just the shortage of funds or the overextension
of credit. Why is this particular financial problem you chose typical or
atypical of your industry? What kind of tools and resources will the company
with the financial problem need in order to solve the problem? (Hint: solving
the problem doesn’t just mean getting money from somewhere. It means finding a
solution so that the problem doesn’t present itself again regularly.) Please
provide the full APA reference at the bottom of your post. (Answer
in 250 words)

2)The balance sheet,
the income statement, and the cash flow statement each serve a different
function, yet they work in harmony with one another. Give a concrete example of
when each of these three statements is needed and for what purpose. Who (i.e.
bankers, investors, business owners, etc.) is most interested in each of these
statements and why? How can non-financial managers use the statements to better
manage people and resources?(Answer in
250 words)

3) List any
experiences you have had with the law. Include lawsuits to which you were a
party, lawsuits your employer has been involved in that you had some connection
to, and whether you have been a jury member or have some other expertise with
legal issues. If you wish to keep any of your legal experiences private, please
don’t feel compelled to disclose them here.(Answer
in 250 words)

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