Acaydia School Biology Kidney Exchanges Paper

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respond to tina  

I personally do not think there is any harm if a person choose to sale one of their kidneys to someone else.  I understand that health issue of what could go wrong.  What can happen.  But you have a risk with any procedure that is done.  Of course after all the proper medical precaution have been taken.  If a person chooses to give a kidney to someone that is in need; I think that is totally up to them.  It is their body, so it should be their own choice.  I can also understand why United States prohibit also.  If the people that are choosing to sale their kidneys follow all the proper producers and abide by all the rules from the medical and government stand point.  Then I think it should be legal to sale one of your kidneys if someone chooses to.  Other countries do not have harsh regulation like the United States when it comes to medical procedures.  I think money has more of an influence than a person health does in other countries.

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