ABC The Correctional Facilities in The United States Discussion Questions

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Choose ONLY TWO from the topics below:

Discussion Question 1: Consider the following scenario. If I win the lottery and become independently wealthy should I be allowed to clone my grandson? I think he is perfect and would like another grandchild? Explain. (opinion)

Discussion Question 2: Recently I was called for jury duty. Do you think the “average Joe or Mary” can understand the processes of gel electrophoresis, RFLP, PCR, gene transformations etc to hear evidence and determine genuine guilt or innocence at a trial? Or is it a contest between “hired guns” who testify about the forensic evidence? Explain.

Discussion Question 3: You can see by looking at the chart on page 227 in your textbook that tobacco and alcohol are great risk factors for many different kind of cancers (8 total listed). In the U.S. we have subsidized tobacco crops and drinking alcohol is a socially acceptably behavior. How should we control or regulate these behaviors and chemicals? Or should we?

Discussion Question 4: For the safety of the country, should all persons arrested be required to submit a sample of saliva for their DNA profile to be entered into a computerized data base to track, identify and tie criminals to crimes they have committed? Who decides? What if they are arrested but not charged or convicted?

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