8 Page business analysis on McDonalds

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I need an 8 PAGE paper in APA format based on the included interview which uses at least 4-5 academic references and addresses the following:

1. Introduction. – Provide an overview of the project and the process you went through in completing it.

2. Background information – Provide information to the reader about the organization your interviewee described.

a. Description of the organization – Type of business, sales volume, number of employees, etc.

b. Brief History – Brief chronology of important organizational events.

c. Mission and Vision – Describe the overall focus and direction of the organization.

d. Market and customers – Products or services provided, competition, type of customer, etc.

e. Current performance metrics (Profitability, stock performance, ROE, etc.)

3. Analyze the relevant facts obtained from the interviewer’s interview.

4. Determine and describe the root problems – Describe both the positive and negative factors that appeared to affect their personal job performance and commitment to the organization.

5. Select “one” of the negative factors you discovered that you feel would have the most significant impact on improving their job performance and commitment if it were eliminated or fixed.

6. Generate alternatives – Identify and describe at least three alternatives to eliminate or fix the negative factor you selected.

7. Evaluate alternatives – Evaluate each alternative relative to its strengths and weaknesses.

8. Choose alternative(s) – Select one or more alternatives and discuss them as recommendations.

9. Describe an implementation plan including metrics – Discuss how you would suggest their organizations implement the alternative(s) you selected to improve employee job performance and commitment. Include the measures you would use to determine the extent to which they were effective.

10. Summary and conclusions – Provide a concise summary and describe your conclusions.


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