5 pages communication essay, Language and Nonverbal Interaction in a Conversation

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You will be analyzing the communication in a conversation among characters in an assigned television show/episode. This is the link for the show: https://abc.go.com/shows/single-parents/episode-gu…

Your goal is to show how specific course concepts are operating in the conversation that you choose and make a case
for the importance of those concepts for the characters (as if they were real people). In your paper, you must:

1) Identify and analyze two important language concepts that are operating within the interaction.

2) Identify and analyze two important nonverbal codes that are operating within the interaction.

3) Explain how the language and nonverbal issues that you’ve discussed are operating together to produce
some important effect(s) for the characters (e.g., on their lives, relationships, goals, etc.).

I upload language concepts lecture notes and nonverbal lecture notes in the drop files. As well as the full requirement. Please check the requirement carefully and please DO NOT USE OUTSIDE RESOURCE!!!!!!


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