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i provide requirement and sample in the file.

here is rubric.

Sufficient Images

There are at least 12 photos in your photo essay, with one of the photos unaltered, displaying the original subject.

Images Altered

Images have been altered, using color, hue, contrast, photoshop, camera angle, etc., such that the subject appears to possess qualities other than its own; i.e., the subject appears to be something other than what it really is.

Image Arrangement

Images are arranged by the author in such a particular order, that taken as a whole, the images convey a simple story; e.g., a sun setting, a starfish crawling under a reef, a fish jumping out of the water, etc.

Written Essay (Uses Structural Tools)

The written portion of the essay uses all the tools of structure: direct writing, prewriting trifecta, 3 part thesis, major and minor transition sentences, 3 part paragraphs, 3 part conclusion.

Written Essay (Revelation of Subject Only)

While you should reveal the subject of your essay; e.g, my photographs are of a belt, you should not discuss what “story” your arrangement is intended to convey, but instead, let the arrangement itself tell that story.

Written Essay (Process of Photography)

Your essay must discuss the process you used to take your photographs, and how that process by which you approached that task, was both similar to, and distinct from, writing a “traditional” essay.

Written Essay (Importance of Arrangement)

Your essay should discuss the importance of arrangement as an overall tool in writing.

Written Essay (Arrangement and Future Writing)

Your essay should make commentary about how you intend to approach arrangement differently in your future work. How and why?


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