4.2 health assignment

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Personal Training Session

Imagine that you are a personal trainer. One of your clients, Mark, has told you that he gets plenty of cardiovascular exercise on his own, but he wants you to work with him specifically to build his muscle strength.

Using the principles and exercises learned in this unit, design a one hour training session with Mark that works on muscle strength and targets all of his major muscle groups. Feel free to explore the Exercise Library at the end of the course for ideas on different exercises. Don’t forget to include a warm-up and cool down.

For your plan, write out a list of exercises that includes the following:

  • Muscle or muscle group worked
  • Name and/or description of exercise
  • Equipment used
  • Number of sets
  • Repetitions per set

More information about the assignment can be found in the document below. When you have completed your assignment, save it as noted and submit it through the course. Click herefor more information on submitting assignments.

Save As: firstinitial_lastname_assignment_4_2

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4.2 Assignment: Personal Training Session

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4.2 Assignment: Personal Training Session


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