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Introduction: The world today is full of diverse perspectives on religion and religious faiths. In your daily life, you encounter places of worship, symbols of faith, and religiously inspired actions, but these encounters are so common that we often do not even notice them.

In this exercise you again will act like an anthropologist and carefully examine the world around you. Carry a journal with you throughout the course of one regular day. Make a note every time you encounter an example of religion or religious expression. For example, you can record every church, synagogue, or mosque that you pass. Or make a note anytime you see someone wearing a religious symbol. Do you ever encounter someone preaching, or praying? Do you walk by religiously inspired art? Are there religious references in the news, or in the television shows or movies you watch? Religion is all around us; take a moment to examine these daily encounters.

After noting all examples of religion and religious expression that you encounter in a regular day, please address each of following with your classmates.

Instructions: For Assignment 11, please address each of the following. Be sure to be respectful of faiths that differ from your own!

1. How many and what examples of religion/religious expression did you encounter during your regular day? Please provide a listing of the examples you encountered for your instructor and classmates.

2. In how many different contexts did you find examples of religion/religious expression?

3. How many different religions did you encounter?

4. Finally, were you surprised by the amount of religious diversity around you?

Make sure to answer each of the above questions to receive full credit.

Discussion Assignment Instructions:

  • Discussion Assignments are worth between 0 and 10 points.
  • You must submit a total of 2 discussion posts per assignment – 1 original post and 1 response post.
  • Original posts must be at least 300 words in length with correct spelling and grammar in paragraph format.
  • All posts must demonstrate that you have completed and understand the assigned topic.
  • After posting your own analysis of the topic with an original post, you must post 1 additional response or question to other students’ posts that further the topic discussions and demonstrate your understanding of the topic.
  • Simple responses such as “Good work” or “I agree,” or any malicious statements, will not be counted for credit.
  • Students are encouraged to reference the assigned reading in writing discussion posts; however, do not plagiarize from any source (this includes the internet, books, other students, etc.) in your discussion posts.

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