2 single space paper about health policy on childhood obesity and 2 page matrix

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here is my paper for health policy class, it is not done, finish it and plus a 2-pge matrix,

my topic is childhood obesity. it is focusing on solutions to childhood obesity(this is the final part of my whole paper). Do not write any background or introductions, do not introduce any basic information. This is only focusing on solutions! It is a 2 page single space! The textbook you may use is “Governing Health: The politics of Health Policy” by William Weissert. Cite some info from it! this is a research paper, use at least 20 citations! Don’t mess it up, or i will not pay!

And give me a matrix comparing the different solutions on aspect of effectiveness and cost and equality and administrative burden!

and i will also upload the questions you have to answer (no need to answer all the questions) and an example of how this matrix should be. There is also a paper with different topic but you can know what i am talking about after taking a look at it


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