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I need two powerpoint slides about this paragraph (((( with speaker note ))))

Value Chain Components of Firm

The value chain process to improve JM foods and Jersey Mikes Franchise Corporation includes elements of simplicity, structure and logistics.

Primary Activities

Inbound logistics

Jersey Mike’s main logistical food distributors are Sysco and DOT Transportation Inc (DTI) whom are well known and established food distributors. Since Jersey Mikes meals are fresh, each store keeps a small amount of perishable food on hand. With the use of “just-in-time” approach to making sandwiches DTI makes several deliveries per week to keep fresh ingredients on hand and avoid risks of food contamination.In addition, each store has a perpetual inventory system that tracks what is used daily to assist managers that are in charge of inventory management. However, senior management approve the orders that are to be sent to JM foods.

Operations & Outbound logistics

An integral part of operations and outbound logistics is making the process work. That process includes the hiring and management of team oriented staff to provide quick, effective and delivering service with a good experience.The process is simple. A customer places an order, the staff member prepares the order with the 3 key elements (quick, effective, good experience) and to be done in 5-7 minutes.In addition, timing is a key factor in the food industry thus any problems with food prep can affect the customer experience and costs of business.

Marketing and sales

Marketing is very influential in the growth and brand recognition to companies. Through our research, Jersey Mikes Corp. is increasing their marketing budget year over year to keep pace with the amount of store openings nationwide.Part of branding is differentiating a business or service from others and Jersey mikes effectively does that using product differentiation strategy that includes healthier choices.Furthermore, cause marketing truly distinguishes Jersey Mikes from their competitors. Instead of donating to major nonprofits, Jersey Mikes, localizes the charities they raise money for. Innovative and effective for the brand and growing market share from the grass roots level ( Http://ljournal.ru/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/a-2017-023.pdf. (2017). doi:10.18411/a-2017-023).


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