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Zadie Smith White Teeth Paper

Due: Dec. 7

Length: Two Pages

Choose one of these questions to answer based on your reading of the Zadie Smith novel, White Teeth. Be specific with your examples. As mentioned in class, all of these questions can apply to the book’s first half, or the entire book. You can also feel free to base your paper on a combination of these questions.

1.) What are the most telling or interesting ways that characters’ images of themselves, their histories, conform with or contradict reality? What do you think the books is trying to present with this irony?

2.) How effective is Smith’s writing style in developing character and situations in White Teeth? For instance, does her use of humor and dialect feel appropriate? Why or why not?

3.) The epigraph at the beginning of the book states, “What is past is prologue.” How much does this quote shape your reading of the book?

Please tell me what question u answewd


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