2 discussions for 2 classes

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1. BUS 419: Project Estimating and Budgeting

“Project Scope and Project Management Processes ” Please respond to the following:

  • Select a project that you believe would benefit from the use of MS Project at your current or previous employer, define the scope, and identify a key constraint of the project in question. Next, specify the primary manner in which you would benefit from the use the MS Project in the project you selected.
  • Analyze each of the five (5) process groups discussed within the PMBOK text, and determine the most difficult process group for the management to execute when formulating a project. Provide one (1) example of such project to support your response.

2. PHI 210: Critical Thinking

Dive into critical thinking this week by sharing your own definition for critical thinking and how you see it in the world around you. (120 words minimum).


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